The Technology Coalition facilitates the global tech industry’s fight against the online sexual abuse and exploitation of children. Founded in 2006, the Coalition is an alliance of technology companies of varying sizes and sectors that work together to drive critical advances in technology and adoption of best practices for keeping children safe online. We convene and align the global tech industry, pooling their knowledge and expertise, to help all our members better prevent, detect, report, and remove online child sexual abuse content. This coalition represents a powerful core of expertise that is moving the tech industry towards a digital world where children are free to play, learn, and explore without fear of harm.

Technology Coalition Core Employee Values 

The Technology Coalition strives to ensure that each member of our team feels welcomed and valued. At the heart of this are four core values we expect all team members exemplify. We are:

  • Committed to one another and to the work. We dig in and get it done. We own the whole mission. We help and support one another and are accountable for our actions and results.

  • Capable of purposeful and thoughtful leadership. We are resourceful, well-prepared, organized, and responsible. We are well-informed and we execute with excellence.

  • Creative in our approach to our mission. We are thoughtful, agile, and innovative. We seek out new and better ways forward. We bring new perspectives to solve old and new problems. We have lots of ideas.

  • Kind humans. We are friendly, generous, helpful, and considerate.

The Role

The Technology Coalition is seeking a Director of Industry Impact (DII) to develop, curate and deliver the resources and guidance that will enable new and existing TC Members to significantly increase their capacity to combat the online sexual abuse and exploitation of children. The DII will work closely with experts from Member Companies and external entities to identify and build out the resources, trainings, and guidance and create the leading set of resources for big and small companies seeking to build their capacity to stop online sexual exploitation and abuse of children.  They will also build our new Member Consulting program from the ground up, providing risk assessments to new Members.



  • Set strategy and OKRs with the Information and Knowledge Sharing Working Group members and chair(s).

  • Work with the Working Group chair(s) to set agendas and lead Working group meetings; manage administration of the Working Group with the TC Admin.

Member Resources

  • Work with the Information and Knowledge Sharing Working Group and external experts to achieve the following:

    • Identify and prioritize gaps in current Member Resources;

    • Develop Member Resources that fill those gaps and produce exceptional value for members;

    • Ensure on demand access to Member Resources and delivery at scale

    • Ensure all Member Resources are periodically reviewed and updated

    • Facilitate delivery of Webinars on current issues in child protection and technology that provide significant value to Members; and

    • Improve the design and usability of Member Resources portal.

  • Work with experts from Member Companies and lead the development of service specific roadmaps for combatting OCSEA.

  • Facilitate peer to peer mentoring within the Coalition.

Member Consulting

  • Work under direction of individual Member’s Counsel to provide risk assessment of Member’s current policy/practice/technology.

  • Develop customized roadmap for Members to address any gaps.

Selection Criteria:

  • Bachelors Degree

  • Minimum 5 years tech industry experience in Trust and Safety operations and policy.

  • Previous experience in Child Safety operations and policy preferred.

  • Previous experience in children’s privacy issues preferred.

  • Previous experience in NCMEC or governmental regulatory body preferred, communications/marketing in tech, nonprofit or related industry;

  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively and professionally with high-level partners;

  • Great project management skills, including time management, goal-setting, multitasking and prioritization;

  • Good data analysis, problem-solving and critical thinking skills;

  • Must be collaborative and nimble, with the ability to thrive as part of a small team.

  • Travel required as circumstances permit