As far back as 2005, industry leaders began to meet and strategize for a digital future where children and teens are free from online harm, forming the Tech Coalition to do just that. Over the course of seventeen years, and through the steadfast commitment of industry leaders, the Tech Coalition became the trusted place for industry collaboration to combat online child sexual exploitation and abuse. 

The Tech Coalition began as a volunteer organization run by trust and safety leaders within different tech companies, coming together, off the record, at the end of their workday, to be proactive about keeping the internet a safe place for kids to grow, learn, and explore. Understanding both the value of the internet and the responsibility of the tech industry, they believed every child growing up in the digital age deserved industry’s best efforts on their behalf. This passion, grittiness, and dedication continues to be at the forefront of our work. 

The Tech Coalition has grown from that volunteer-based community to a burgeoning coalition of thirty-three member companies with a demonstrated commitment to not only keeping their platform safe for kids but working collaboratively across the industry to address online child sexual exploitation and abuse. 

Today, we are pleased to welcome the industry leaders comprising the Tech Coalition’s 2023 Board of Directors. These leaders will continue to drive forward our mission, and our work guided by Project Protect’s five critical areas for industry partnership and collaboration; tech innovation, research, collective action, information and knowledge sharing, and transparency.

The Tech Coalition 2023 Board of Directors

  • Ethan Arenson, Verizon - Chair

  • Antigone Davis, Meta - Treasurer

  • Josh Parecki, Zoom - Secretary

  • Kristine Dorrain, Amazon

  • Chuck Gillingham, Apple

  • John Redgrave, Discord

  • Emily Cashman Kirstein, Google

  • Liz Thomas, Microsoft

  • Chengos Lim, Roblox

  • Ratnaditya Jonnalagadda, TikTok

  • Annie Mullins, Yubo

We are pleased to welcome Discord and Zoom joining the Board for the first time and increasing their ongoing commitment to the Tech Coalition as members. 

“The Tech Coalition plays an essential role in protecting children from online exploitation and abuse. From working to improve the technology used to detect exploitation and abuse at scale, to facilitating the sharing of information and best practices between members, to funding research into the most effective methods of stopping offenders, the Coalition is advancing the cause of child safety on a number of fronts,” says Ethan Arenson, incoming Chair of the Tech Coalition Board of Directors, “Verizon is proud to be a long-standing member of the Tech Coalition and excited to help shape the organization’s future as the Chair of the Tech Coalition’s Board of Directors.” 

As we look ahead to the future of the digital world, I am encouraged to know that young people have whole-hearted leaders and innovators working together to combat online sexual abuse and exploitation. It is clear that not one platform, company, or sector can do this work alone, and the Tech Coalition will continue to facilitate collaboration on behalf of kids.

I am grateful for this exceptional group of industry leaders and their commitment to ensuring that the internet is a safe place for children. Their leadership and wisdom will be essential as the Tech Coalition moves forward into our next season of growth and impact.

Sean Litton