The Technology Coalition

Fighting Child Sexual Abuse.

The Technology Coalition

Who We Are

The Technology Coalition was formed in 2006 and is comprised of tech industry leaders who are represented by individuals who specialize in online child safety issues. The members of the Technology Coalition are:

Our Vision

Our vision is to eradicate online child sexual exploitation. We have invested in collaborating and sharing expertise with one another, because we recognize that we have the same goals and face many of the same challenges.



We help emerging and other established companies enhance their efforts to detect and report images of child sexual exploitation and other predatory practices that put children at risk.


Information Sharing

We are in a unique position to promote successful practices for the tech industry to follow in its fight against Child Sexual Abuse Material (“CSAM”), including how to handle, classify, and report CSAM, and how to create a supportive, resiliency-focused environment for content moderation staff members.


Facilitating Tech Solutions

We partner with other nonprofits to fund and advise on the development of tooling infrastructure to help Internet Service Providers scale their review operations and improve their illegal content detection capabilities.

Industry Events


We regularly host events for the tech industry at-large to discuss topics related to fighting online child sexual exploitation, including a Policy and Legal Forum and an Engineering Summit. In addition, we are the sole host of the “Tech Track” at the Dallas Crimes Against Children Conference, one of the largest conferences of its kind in the world. If you are interested in learning more or in getting involved, please send us a note by using the ‘Contact Us’ section of this website.


Contact Us

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