The Technology Coalition

Fighting Child Sexual Abuse.

The Technology Coalition

Who We Are

The Technology Coalition is a global alliance of leading technology firms that have come together to build tools and advance programs that protect children from online sexual exploitation and abuse. Our growing, diverse membership includes:

Our Vision

A global tech industry that’s fully mobilized to keep all children safe from online sexual exploitation and abuse.


Tech Innovation

Investing in accelerating the development and uptake of groundbreaking technology to support the cross-industry approach to thwarting CSEA.


Collective Action

Bringing together industry, governments and civil society to drive collective action.


Independent Research

Funding research to advance our understanding of the experiences and patterns of online CSEA and learn from effective efforts to help prevent, deter, and combat it.


Information and Knowledge Sharing

Ensure high-impact information, expertise and knowledge sharing across the industry to disrupt and help prevent online CSEA.


Transparency and Accountability

Driving greater accountability and consistency across industry by sharing collective insights through meaningful reporting of online CSEA across member platforms and services.

Industry Events


We regularly host events for the tech industry at-large to discuss topics related to fighting online child sexual exploitation, including a Policy and Legal Forum and an Engineering Summit. In addition, we are the sole host of the “Tech Track” at the Dallas Crimes Against Children Conference, one of the largest conferences of its kind in the world. If you are interested in learning more or in getting involved, please send us a note by using the ‘Contact Us’ section of this website.


Contact Us

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