Project Protect

Building on both the historic strengths of the Tech Coalition and the expertise of the global tech industry, Project Protect is a five-pillar plan of coordinated action to drive the technology industry’s efforts to fight child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA) online.

Tech Innovation

Working across industry to both accelerate the adoption of existing technologies and invest in the development of new technologies to combat online child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Collective Action

A whole-society approach that engages third-party stakeholders in collaboration and collective action through events and convenings.

Transparency and Accountability

Driving greater accountability and consistency across industry through meaningful reporting of online child sexual abuse material across member platforms and services.

Information and Knowledge Sharing

Facilitating high-impact information, expertise, and knowledge sharing across industry to disrupt and help prevent online CSEA, including creating and expanding robust systems and processes for information and threat sharing related to exploitative or predatory behaviors.

Independent Research

Funding research to advance our understanding of the experiences and patterns of online child sexual abuse and exploitation through the Tech Coalition Safe Online Research Fund in collaboration with the End Violence Against Children Partnership.

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Tackling child sexual exploitation and abuse online - together.

The Tech Coalition provides exclusive resources, events, and peer-to-peer mentoring to Members so that we are both unified in our collective goal of eliminating CSEA, and in the way we use technology to achieve it.