Business Requirements:

Business Requirements

Must be technology related companies and have at least one product or service that could reasonably be affected by online CSEA; must be committed to taking appropriate steps to mitigate such abuse. Membership is not open to vendor companies who do not host or provide access to content themselves.


Have a desire to combat online CSEA and a desire to help expand the capacity of the tech industry to combat online CSEA.

Published Standards

Prohibit child sexual exploitation and abuse material in their terms of service, community guidelines, or other publicly available policies or statements.


Be able to receive reports of and take action, as appropriate, on illegal CSEA.

Technical Solutions

Commit to helping further technological approaches to mitigating online CSEA


Support transparency and accountability in the fight against online CSEA.

Relevant Frameworks

Commit to respect for human rights and children’s rights and familiarize themselves with relevant international policy frameworks and codes of practice relating to online CSEA.

Partnership with Civil Society

Commit to engaging with civil society groups, including those who represent the voices of survivors, researchers, and legal, privacy and other relevant experts.

Commitment to Engage

Commit to actively engage in the Tech Coalition’s mission, including participation in membership meetings and Working Groups.

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