Online CSEA creates a number of challenges for industry:

Brand risk

Increased global regulatory action

Increased social demand for industry action

Perception that threat is growing and industry action has been insufficient

Internet rapidly reaching more vulnerable communities

Civil liability

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Member companies participate in collaborative working groups.

Working groups are where the power of collaboration happens. Members come together to address the biggest challenges facing industry in the fight against online child sexual abuse and exploitation. Each member brings its unique strengths and experiences to the table, enabling them to create synergies, build trust, and learn from one another.

Members-only resources include:

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

Sector-Specific Child Safety Program Mileposts

Framework for Transparency Reporting

Sample Child Safety Policies

Code Repo and Libraries for Reporting and Detection

Grooming Prevention Considerations

Resource and knowledge-sharing events exclusively for members:

Age Assurance

Generative AI

Tech Talks on Detection Tools

Global Legislative Briefings

Wellness Program Considerations

User Reporting Design

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