The Tech Coalition is committed to accelerating the adoption of technology that combats online child sexual exploitation and abuse (OCSEA) and drives cross-industry impact. Many Tech Coalition members employ tools such as hash matching or machine learning to detect instances of OCSEA across their platforms. However, these technologies require significant resources that create barriers to adoption. 

The Tech Coalition is proud to partner with Thorn to launch the Safer Scholarship program exclusively for Tech Coalition members. The scholarship provides members supplemental funding to adopt Safer’s all-in-one technical solution to detect, review, and report child sexual abuse material (CSAM) at scale, all while protecting the mental health of trust and safety professionals.

In 2018, the Tech Coalition invested in the development of Safer, which numerous TC members have since adopted. Through this partnership, the Tech Coalition will provide two-year scholarships to offset the cost of Safer and increase our members' technical capabilities to combat OCSEA.

We are proud to be joined in this effort with Thorn as a partner in our shared goal to develop technological solutions to keep children safe online.  

"We're grateful for the Tech Coalition's partnership with the Safer Scholarship program." said Amanda Volz, VP of Customers and Strategic Partnerships at Thorn. "Our shared vision of eliminating CSAM from the internet can only be achieved through a focused and coordinated approach, as well as the right tooling. Safer casts a wide net to detect known and new CSAM by combining the largest database of verified hashes with advanced AI. These scholarships will equip more platforms with the right tools to detect CSAM at scale. Together, we can build a better internet."


Safer is an all-in-one solution that combines advanced AI technology and secure self-hosted deployment to deliver CSAM detection at scale.


Thorn is a nonprofit founded in 2012 to build technology to defend children from sexual abuse and eliminate child sex abuse material from the internet. Thorn creates products that identify child victims faster, provides services for the tech industry to play a proactive role in removing abuse content from their platforms, and works directly with youth and communities to build resilient kids. Learn more about Thorn's mission to build technology to defend children from sexual abuse at